Monday, October 13, 2014

Welcome To My New Blog About Making Money Online

This is my introduction post. I like to do one of these for each new blog I make. It allows me to give my readers and idea of what each blog will focus on. With this money making blog I will try to concentrate on programs and strategies that will allow you to cash out your earnings between the amounts of $5 and $50 dollars. This will limit the amount of affiliate programs I can suggest to you but will allow me to concentrate on non traditional earning streams like swagbucks and point2shop. Some of these cash for points sites might be considered kid stuff but I will show you how you can make considerable extra income just by using these sites while you are on your laptop during your lunch break or on your smart phone while standing in line at the bank or grocery store.

I will also do interesting blog posts that will show you how to buy and sell on auction sites like eBay as well as how to take advantage of the affiliate programs offered by eBay and amazon. I am building this blog as well as several others linking to it to share what I have learned as well as a way to remember the tricks and tips I have used in the past. As I get older I find I need to write everything down if I'm going to remember it so a money making blog like this one is the perfect way for me to keep all the information in one place.

I'm also going to post tutorials on how to use social media to increase your sales so be sure to check back with this blog from time to time to read some interesting articles.